Needles Collection

NPM's needles collection contains a selection of 10 different shaped needles, specially designed to cover all ranges of permanent make up treatments.

More About Needles

The line of needles is made from 316L ROSS stainless steel. This material is licensed for medical use with MSDS report for approval and commonly found in stents. NPM's needele is one integral unit meaning the needle and the cover body is one unit. This ensures the needles will stay aligned at all time during its operation. Furthermore, the needle designed to suck the color and to release it only when the needle in touch with the skin which reduces spills and keep clean professional treatments. While the motor stops, the needle will stay inside. The needles are disposable, for one time use only in order to meet the sterilization standard for medical treatment. All needles apply to Biocompatible Standards (BS) .